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Q&A: Why Horst Liebetrau Loves Judging The Lovies

Lovie Judge and founder of German agency Upside, Horst Liebetrau shares what inspires him about judging The Lovie Awards and what he looks for in projects.

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1. What’s your favourite thing about judging The Lovies?

Every year, The Lovies manages to put together a very unique kaleidoscope of all things digital currently happening all over in Europe. There is just no other awards show that manages to create this very unique blend of design, creativity, technology, social, politics and experimental.

2. What’s the most inspiring piece of work you’ve judged in The Lovies?

I really loved Samsung’s #LandOfEmojis project. With diversity and unity being under attack throughout Europe – including Germany – Samsung came up with an Android app that turned selfies into emojis. Thousands of people started using their own customized emoji sets, promoting diversity with every chat or post. Finally, on October 3rd, the national “Day of Germany unity,” all emojis were brought together on the Brandenburg Gate in a light show.

3. Why is it important to enter The Lovie Awards?

Precisely because The Lovies take a slightly different look at your digital work, it is a very special different kind of endorsement for agencies, companies and individuals. And besides: The Lovies as well as The Webby Awards regularly make it into public media and prime-time news to make sure your parents can finally appreciate what the heck you’re so busy with all the time. 😉

4. What’s one thing you look for when judging in a particular media type, or at all?

Europe is a culturally dense space with a long history, which often results in a slightly different take on the digital world than, for example, in the U.S. or Asia. What am I looking for? Besides a unique concept and fluency in UX design and web technologies, I find those digital works particularly exciting that embrace and transcend European heritage.

5. What’s the most interesting trend you’ve seen on the European Internet this year?

It seems to be the breakthrough year for AI, it’s everywhere now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Europe will succeed in pioneering its approach of “data + AI with a purpose.”

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