To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lovie Awards, we’re launching a call-to-action campaign called “Lovie X: For A Better Internet” in May 2020. And you are invited to join us.

Our Campaign Story

The Internet has undeniably changed our lives for the better in the last 10 years. We have unlimited access to information and data, and we are more connected to one another than ever with myriad ways to communicate, entertain, and share stories. This medium is so powerful, thanks to us all.

But these same virtues have also become our pain points. The Internet makes it (too) easy to disinform, to spread messages of exclusion and hate, and to sometimes occlude the truth. Our relentless connectivity has created a mess of our own making.

So now as we look to the future, we want to push for a better Internet. Read the full manifesto from our Jury Chairman, Nicolas Roope, and get involved below!


How To Participate

1. Craft and define your pledge

Think about what a better Internet means to you, your work, your own growth, or that of your business. Do you want to see an Internet that’s diverse, inclusive, creative, fun, full of science, invention and truth?

2. Download + customise the pledge template

Below you’ll find our downloadable official campaign pledge template for your posts. You can easily fill-in-the-blank with your pledge word(s) of choice, and add your logo if you like. Feel free to use any font, or handwriting, that works for you.

To get you thinking, here’s a sample post from our friends at The Dots:

Template Downloads

Pink template pack (.zip | 47 KB) Black template pack (.zip | 45 KB)

3. Include a link

In your post, share a link to a project you’ve done, an article you’ve read or written, a podcast, etc. that’s related to your pledge idea.

4. Use our official Hashtags

Don’t forget to include them both when you share on social: #ForABetterInternet and #LoviesWe’ll highlight your pledges across all our channels to help inspire the wider community to join in pushing for a better Internet.

5. Get Creative!

After you’ve made your fill-in-the-blank image, think about how else you can share your pledge concept:

  • Create an Instagram story about what you want the Internet to be
  • Poll your friends and followers to ask what they’d do for a better Internet; start a conversation
  • Post a series of photos or videos to show what you’re doing to make the Internet better behind the scenes
  • Write a blog post to explain your pledge idea in full
  • Create a piece of visual art, music, or write a poem
  • Do you make a podcast? Consider talking about your pledge on your next episode!

6. Additional Campaign Imagery

Feel free to download these additional campaign images to help illustrate your pledge and your story whether on your website, blog, social stories and beyond.

Extra Images:

Pink social asset pack (.zip | 631 KB) Black social asset pack (.zip | 788 KB)


7. Have Questions?

We are always here to help! Please feel free to get in touch with Managing Director Emily Warren at at any time.

The 10th Annual Lovie Awards Final Entry Deadline is 26 June 2020! Enter Now.

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