Winners of the 8th Annual Lovie Awards are invited to record their acceptance speeches at Lovie Speech + Portrait Day—and many will recite theirs on stage at The Lovie Awards Ceremony. Learn about this year’s new 7 Words of Lovie speech format below!


The 7 Words of Lovie is a brand new speech format with simple (but mandatory) rules. All Lovie acceptance speeches must be made in just 7 words! No exceptions.

This format is a nod to the 5-Word Speech, popularised by our international sister The Webby Awards and to the 7 European languages in which The Lovies accepts work.

Plus, it’s a fun creative constraint, a recipe for fantastic speeches and a way to include even more winners on The Lovies stage.

But it’s best to be prepared! Below are 7 tips for crafting the perfect 7 Words of Lovie acceptance speech.


For your 7 Words of Lovie

1. Pick a Spokesperson.
All Lovie Winners will get to record a 7 Words of Lovie speech for each Lovie-winning work. You can choose one person from your team for each speech, one person for all the speeches or even one person for each word of your speech.

First things first: Decide who is going to be the one (or ones) to deliver your 7 Words!

2. Get Creative.
Now that you know who’s speaking, it’s time to do what you do best: Get with your team and start brainstorming ideas on your speech. There are many ways to stand out with 7 words, including…

3. Make a Statement.
A short statement can carry immense power. Use your 7 Words of Lovie to say something massive: about the work, about Europe, about the world… whatever you want to express. You have a major audience, make your moment worthwhile.

4. Be Funny.
Your speech is also your chance to be ridiculous, silly and just make us laugh. Got something pithy or otherwise hilarious to share in response to your win, in 7 words? Let us hear it.

5. Leave Them Thinking.
You don’t have to give it all away: Your 7 Words of Lovie can be provocative, mysterious, vague or……..

(…see what we did there?)

6. Say It in Your Language.
If you like, we encourage you to deliver your 7 words in the native language of your work!

7. Crowdsource Your 7 Words.
Don’t do it alone: Join us and fellow Lovie Winners on Twitter for #7WordsOfLovie Crowdsourcing Day on Tuesday 13 November, when Internet fans across Europe will chime in to help participating Lovie Winners crowdsource their speeches. Just share this Tweet on 13 November to join the fun and watch the ideas roll in.

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