Social Media Tactics That’ll Help You Win a People’s Lovie


Have friends in high places? Use their viral power.

Have a friend with tons of followers? Have them share your work and watch those votes go up!

Take advantage of dynamic shares.

Ask your audience to share their vote to Facebook, we have a share button embedded so that they can easily post their support once a vote has been cast.

Tell your Twitter followers that they should share their votes too. We’ve done the work for them, all they need to do is click the Tweet button right under a completed vote. The dynamic tweets will let everyone know what your rank is. It’s great if you’re winning, and very helpful if you’re not. Your fans on Twitter will step-up to make sure that you get their support. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #Lovies.

Here are some sample Tweets below:

    • So excited we’re a Finalist for a People’s @lovieawards. Vote for us now at #Lovies
    • We need your votes to help us win a People’s @lovieawards! Vote for us now at #Lovies

GIFs are the shiny objects of the Internet

Distract the masses into voting for you.

Let us know that you’re campaigning.

We love to hear about your campaigns for the People’s Lovie Awards! Let us know what you’re doing by tweeting at us at @lovieawards and on The Lovie Awards Facebook page. We can retweet/repost your work.

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